Film Synapses

Priscilla Smith’s sanity is tested when she is separated from her beloved husband Adolph who is called for military service in Afghanistan. Left to raise their only child Sophia alone, Priscilla struggles with self-esteem issues and hopelessly uses prescription drugs to help her cope with the emptiness she feels in a community that has lost its men to war and prisons.

The Production Story

Broken Souls was shot in Oakland C.A. in Emeryville.

The production for this film lasted 6 weeks.

One of the major challenges we faced when making this film was finding locations. We were unable to find a Prison or Pharmacy to allow us to film. The solution was to build our own Prison and Pharmacy sets. We accomplished this by framing sheet rock, 2x4's  to aesthetically match our vision. We also added a few pharmacy set extensions in post production using After Effects. The crew had a great sense of pride after building the set.

Meet the Cast & Crew!

Every member of this production was worth their weight in gold. No film can be produced with out the hard work of the cast and crew.

Sanelle Sibanda

Writer & Director

With over 10 yrs of experience writing films and Directing on set, Sanelle runs a smooth production from start to finish. He pushes his crew to grow and achieve more with every project they work on together. Sanelle is extremely passionate and dedicated to the art of film making.

Vladimir Ponomarev

Director of Photography

Vladimir's eye for photography was extremely useful on this project. He made significant contributions that made the film what it is today. He is very meticulous about planning out his shots to frame the scene the best way possible to align with the directors vision.

Kayambi Musafiri

Sound Recordist

Kayambi is able to make hard decisions on the fly. If he says "This sound recording is unusable." 99% of the time it's not usable. With out his trained ear, there would have been a great chance that we captured unusable sound. He is also really good about recording room tone and not cutting before the director says cut. He is an easy person to work with and humble with all of his experience.


JUNE 2019


DATE: June 13th -16th

LOCATION: San Francisco Black Film Festival

FEE: Free to get in


More screening to be announced.