Pre Production

Our wold class film makers can help you in every aspect of pre-production. We can help with the vision, the story, the story boarding, camera movements, locations and so much more! There is a lot to do and think about before


"Quiet on the set!"
When it's time to shoot a film, every moment is valuable. All hands on deck is key and you can get a lot more done with a production coordinator on set. We have experience shooting dozens of movies. We can help make sure that the shooting plan is being followed and no one is wasting time, not knowing what they should be doing. Allow us to help you get the most out of your production days.

Post Production

After the Director yells "It's a wrap." the production team is usually happy to be done with principle photography and the capturing process. But now... The hard work begins for the Post Production Team. Video Editors, Voice actors, Compositors, motion graphic Artist, VFX Artist, Color Correction Gurus and Technical supervisors all get called into action. Not knowing how to communicate with these niche Artists can be very costly. Poor communication can lead to poor results, this leads to costly revisions and in the worst case scenario, a missed deadlines. Let us help you get things right the first time!